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This demonstration can be viewed in any modern Browser. There are 28 races archived -- two meetings at the Sha Tin course, and one at Happy Valley, both in Hong Kong. Click the appropriate button to go directly to the default race, and other races can be selected using the built in menu.

There are a few requirements for this to work correctly.

  • Medium broadband [ total load-time should be better than 10 seconds ]
  • Sound-card and speakers
  • Flash plug-in installed [ if you hear the horse neigh when bringing up the site, you'll know all's fine with Flash ]
  • Cookies not essential, but they make for a more user-friendly restart
  • Current browser versions supported - IE7+ and FF2+ [ the presentation-layer is totally dependent on solid JavaScript support ]. The system has been coded for ease of maintenance, so that there are only a dozen or so lines that differ between IE and Firefox [ iPhone/Safari also works well, but there could be the odd blip ]

If you wish to comment on this application, we would appreciate any comments you make via our Contact Page. In particular, we would like to hear from investors or horse-track operators who may possibly be interested in becoming involved with TrackHawk.

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